19 / 07 / 2016
Ice, Ice baby

Animals at Wild Place Project were given ice lollies to help them cool down as temperatures hit highs of 33 degrees in north Bristol, on Tuesday (19 July).
Keepers treated the lemurs, meerkats and red river hogs to ice lollies made of fruit tea and healthy treats, including sweet potato, carrots and cucumber, to help keep them hydrated.
The two newest additions - the six-week-old twin ring-tailed lemurs - also enjoyed their first lick of a lolly with a little encouragement from their mother, Warbie.
Nigel Simpson, operations manager at Wild Place Project, said: “Giving fruit and vegetables inside ice to our animals is a great way of helping them keep cool when temperatures soar, and to also provide them with enrichment. Even though many of our animals originate from countries with very hot climates, they are not always used to it here so we like to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.”
Many of the creatures at Wild Place Project could be seen enjoying the mini-heatwave including the three male cheetahs, who enjoyed snoozing in the sun, as well as the zebra and eland who were grazing on the grass. 

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