14 / 11 / 2017
Kimosi the Okapi celebrates her first birthday

Kimosi was born a year ago at the wild life attraction off junction 17 of the M5.
She arrived just six months after Ruby, the first okapi to be successfully bred at Wild Place Project.
In the 1960s Bristol Zoological Society, which owns and runs Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens, was a founder member of the first ever modern breeding programme for okapi in a European Zoo. The Zoo received a male and a female from Antwerp Zoo, in Belgium, who went on to successfully breed at Bristol Zoo Gardens. 
The success of the breeding programme was applied to other species by zoos across Europe and was used as an example to help safeguard the future of threatened and endangered animals in human care.
Okapi were moved from Bristol Zoo Gardens to Wild Place Project when it opened in 2013.

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