23 / 04 / 2018
​Critically endangered lemur twins celebrate first birthday

Critically endangered lemur twins celebrate first birthday at Wild Place Project

Twin white-belted ruffed lemurs are celebrating their first birthday at Wild Place Project today (Friday April 20).

The pair named Eric, which is a popular name in Madagascar, and Andro, which means ‘day’ in Malagasy celebrated with presents filled with tasty treats. 

The twins are now almost fully grown and full of energy. Anna Head, animal keeper

at Wild Place Project, said: “The young brothers have really come into their own over the past year. They are very adventurous and playful but still like the reassurance of having their parents nearby.”

The pair live in the Discover Madagascar exhibit, an interactive walk-through enclosure that allows visitors to get up-close to animals in a barrier-free environment.

They live with their parents, Ihosy and Hebus, and their tiny new sibling who is just three weeks old.

Discover Madagascar is also home to four other lemur species - ring-tailed lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, mongoose lemurs and Alaotran gentle lemurs, as well as two pygmy goats.

The birth of the white-belted ruffed lemurs was a huge success story for the species, which is at grave risk of extinction in the wild, having suffered an 80 per cent decline in numbers over the last 20 years.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified them as ‘Critically Endangered’ in the wild due to habitat loss from to slash-and-burn and commercial agriculture, logging, and mining, as well as hunting for fur and meat and trapped for the illegal pet trade.

Visitors can get up-close to the lemurs in their walk-through enclosure between 10.30am and 3.30pm daily and find out more about them at the daily lemur talk.

Wild Place Project is a family attraction, owned and run by Bristol Zoological Society, that provides outdoor adventure, play and learning.

Visitors can meet amazing animals from across the world from giraffe, cheetahs, wolves and zebra, to okapi, red-river hogs and gelada baboon.

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