01 / 05 / 2018
Bambi look-a-like is born at Wild Place Project
She looks like a real-life Bambi with doleful dark eyes and a tiny fragile frame and is certain to melt the heart of anyone who sees her.
She is a dik-dik calf born at the Wild Place Project and tips the scales at 1kg the same as a bag of sugar.
Unlike Bambi she is not a deer but an antelope and one of the smallest in the world found in eastern and southern Africa.
Kirk’s dik-diks get their name from the distinctive trumpet like call which they use to raise an alarm, to harass predators or publicise the presence of a mated pair.
Even when they are fully grown they are still small, standing just 40cm (16 ins) tall.
This new arrival at Wild Place Project, which is just off junction 17 of the M5 was born to mum, Streusel and dad, Croissant.
She is the second dik-dik calf to be born at the park in the past 12 months. The first was Filo who arrived eight months ago.
Will Walker, animal manager at Wild Place Project, said: “She is strong and healthy and is feeding well from her mum.”
She spends most of her time inside her heated house with her mum but sometimes ventures outside if it is sunny.
Will said: “When she does come out she does tend to hide amongst the bushes as in the wild this is the dik-dik’s natural defence against predators at this vulnerable age, but if visitors look closely are wait for a little while they may well see her.”
The new born calf and her fellow dik-diks can be found at Wild Place Project in the Walled Garden, near the meerkats and threatened birds.
Visitors to Wild Place Project can see animals from Madagascar, east Africa and the Congo and find out how they are helping to conserve them in the wild. 
Guests can also take a stroll in the woods, relax in the Tower Meadow or have fun in the undercover Fun Fort.
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