Wild Discoveries

Get ready to make some Wild Discoveries at Wild Place Project this February half term.

Do you love wildlife? What about the great outdoors? Do you enjoy nature trails? 

Great! Join us for two whole weeks of explorer fun from February 16 - March 3.


Pull on your waterproofs and wellington boots - it's the season for squelching through mud, jumping over roots and splashing through puddles. Discover your wild side as you explore our amazing animal park and surround yourselves with nature.

Expect to meet local and exotic wildlife from around the world, learn about a variety of animals and habitats, enjoy undercover and outdoor play and see if you can climb the Leap of Faith monkey wall! But wait - that isn't all! On arrival you will receive a complimentary explorer trail card and sticker sheet which you can use to travel around the Wild Discoveries trail and complete the challenge.

Wild Discoveries Trail -  Follow the footprints in your explorer handbook to discover which animals have been playing in the woods while nobody was around. There are six mystery footprints to locate; guess the animal using the clues available to complete the trail.

Whose Poo? -  See if you can guess which 4 animals left behind poos in the ultimate game of Whose Poo? 

Barefoot Trail - Our legendary Barefoot Trail is being relaunched in an orchard style in time for February half term - stop by and see it for yourselves! You will be able to take off your shoes and tantalise your toes with an array of textures including pebbles, bark, soil and mud. Little ones (and big ones) can explore the trail which is set amongst a beautiful area of trees, plants and wildflowers. You can wash your feet at the end of the trail, although bringing your own towel is advisable.

Fun Fort - Climb up the scramble net, run across the scatter bridge, slide down the fireman’s pole and take on the climbing wall. The Fun Fort is a fun outdoor adventure park which is under cover, making it a great place for the little ones to burn some energy come rain or shine.


Social Media - We love to see how our explorers are getting on - share your photos with us on our social platforms:
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Twitter: @wild_place
instagram: @wildplaceproject


Wild Place Project is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to explore the great outdoors together. No two days are the same. Book now and see it for yourselves!


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