Key stage 3 & 4

Ingenious Invertebrates (KS3 and KS4)

In this session students search for invertebrates in a variety of habitats from woodland to meadow. Then, depending on your requirements, the focus of the session may be on habitats, food webs and energy flow, adaptations or classification. Sessions finish with the opportunity to handle some of our special minibeasts! (Subject to availability)

*This session is available from April to July. School group size limited to 45.

Powerful Plants (KS3)

An outdoor lesson is the best way for students to get to grips with greenery. Depending on your requirements this session may include: identifying woodland trees and flowers; the structures & adaptations of flowers and trees; dissecting flowers; what plants need to survive; pollination & seed dispersal; growth and adaptations; useful plants.

Marvellous Madagascar (& Rainforests) (KS3 and KS4 )

Using Madagascar as a case-study, The session may include a Trail through Madagascar village or the woods; a lesson in the Madagascar outdoor classroom or an encounter with Giant Hissing Cockroaches.  By the end of the session students will have discovered how and why forests are important and under threat.  

Brilliant biodiversity (KS3 and KS4)

In this double-length session, Wild Place Project is the perfect location for students to get hands on with environmental sampling equipment and techniques.  In our varied habitats, Students carry out quadrat sampling along a belt transect; do a pond dip survey and find out about techniques to sample animals in woodland.

Learning from Lemurs (KS3 and KS4)

Students become ethologists for this session in which they observe and interpret lemur behaviour.  They then compare the behaviour they have seen with human behaviour, to learn how non-verbal signals convey mood and emotion.

Curriculum links included in these sessions -
  • KS3 - Invertebrate classification
  • KS3 -  Habitats & food chains
  • KS3 - Plant reproduction and photsynthesis
  • KS4 GCSE- AQA B1.4 Interdependence, adaptation and environmental change
  • KS4 -GCSE Biology AQA B1.6
  • KS4 - GCSE AQA 2.4.1 Distribution of Organisms
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