Key stage 1 & 2

Teddy Bears’ Picnic (KS1)

A Wild Place adventure for children and their teddies! A classic story inspires learning about woodland animals, fun outdoor games such as find-the-bear and finally a teddy bears’ picnic on our beautiful Tower Meadow. Please ask children to bring their teddies and their usual snack for the picnic.

Amazing Madagascar (KS2)

Students enjoy a lesson in our Madagascar outdoor classroom.  They find out about Madagascar’s extraordinary wildlife and varied habitats; they discover that many of the creatures and forest habitats are threatened and discuss the problems and conservation measures to preserve the natural heritage of this magical island. Students also learn about rainforests by finding clues on our fun trail through either the Madagascar village or the beautiful Wild Place Project woodland.

Animal Detectives (KS2)

A fun, exciting session, outdoors & in, to include an interactive  trail classifying vertebrates; games grouping real animal artefacts; meeting a live invertebrate and using a simple key to classify it.

Wild about Wolves (KS1 and KS2)

Join us for a fun, interactive session all about wolves and their woodland habitats. Follow the guided trail and learn about wolf behaviour and adaptations through games and role play

Marvellous Minibeasts (KS1 and KS2)

A hands-on session to explore woodland or meadow habitats and discover the amazing minibeasts which live here. Students examine invertebrates in detail using magnifying glasses and identify them with a range of Wild Place Project's resources. Depending on your requirements this may include a focus on: classification; identification; habitats; food chains or adaptations. Sessions finish with the opportunity to handle some of our special minibeasts! (Subject to availability)

*This session is available from April to July. School group size limited to 45.

Powerful Plants (KS1 and KS2)

A fully hands-on workshop in which children identify woodland trees and flowers; examine a flower under a field microscope and explore how plants grow by planting their own seeds or bulbs to take home.

Wildly Creative (KS1 and KS2)

In this woodland session children are inspired by the forest around them to create natural art, crafts and poetry and stimulate the senses

​Personal Development Workshops

Learning from Lemurs  (KS1 & KS2)

Especially suitable for children with autistic spectrum disorders.
In this special session, children observe lemurs and interpret their behaviour.  Then, in a series of games, they compare this to their own human behaviours, to learn how to read non-verbal signals which convey mood and emotion.
(Minimum 10 children, Maximum total: 36 children in 3 sessions of 12).  

Naturally mindful (Upper KS2 - Years 5 & 6)

Mindfulness can help children improve their abilities to pay attention, to calm down when they are upset, and to make better decisions.  Using breathing buddies, going on a noticing walk, eating mindfully, and engaging ‘spidey senses’, awakens children to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of the present moment.
(Minimum 10 children, Maximum total: 45 children in 3 sessions of 15).   

Curriculum links included in these sessions -
  • KS1 & KS2: Working Scientifically (All sessions)
  • KS1 & KS2: Living Things and their habitats (Classify it, Madagascar, Wolves, Minibeasts)
  • KS1 & KS2: Plants (Powerful Plants)
  • KS2 Year 6: Evolution & Inheritance (Wolves, Madagascar, Minibeasts)
These sessions can also be adapted for EYFS sessions.

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For more information or to book please email email info@wildplace.org.uk or call 0117 980 7175.