Keeper For The Day Experience

Join our Keeper For The Day Experience at Wild Place Project and learn what’s involved in looking after animals in a Wildlife Park. The day runs from 8.30am- 3pm and will give you a chance to work with all of the species at Wild Place Project; the perfect experience for any animal lover.

Here’s what to expect on the day

Zebra and Eland - go behind the scenes and help the Animal staff to freshen up and prepare the Zebra and Eland house.

Okapi – a unique chance to see this beautiful and critically endangered species up close. You and the Animal staff will be preparing the okapi house and you will also observe hoof care.

Wolves – This exciting part of the day will involve the preparation of food for the wolves; chopping and weighing meat before taking it into the wolf enclosure. You will also clean the wolf house and run through the daily health checks.

Red River Hogs – Feed these cheeky animals their lunch and check out their house in the behind the scenes area.

Animal Diets – Build up your knowledge about the various diets that our animals need, prepare, chop and weigh the animals’ feeds.

Madagascar – Meet the free roaming pygmy goats and guinea fowl in our Madagascan village.

Lemurs – Go behind the scenes in the lemur house and experience the lemurs leaping all around you whilst learning about managing the lemur walkthrough.

Birds – a rare opportunity to discover a range of birds that reside in the off-show area at the Wild Place Project and learn about their daily care.

Cheetahs - Put food in the cheetah enclosure and then watch them eat it!

Giraffe - Get up close to our giraffe, Dayo and Tom.

What else is included?
  • Admission to the Wild Place Project for the whole day for yourself and a guest*
  • A voucher for lunch in the Courtyard Café**
You need to be prepared to get stuck in and get your hands dirty, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. As we are an all weather attraction you may get wet.


Availability - every Thursday.

The Keeper For The Day Experience costs just £150 for one person or £250 for two. The experience is available for people aged 16+.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE NOW or call our experiences team on 0117 428 5602

Tom Morris from the Bristol Post said: 'For once I really was at one with the animals. What an absolute privilege'.

*Please note, your guest will be unable to join you on the experience unless you have selected the experience for two people
** To the value of £7

Please see full Terms and Conditions here