Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is an outdoor climbing adventure and is fantastic fun for all the family. The whole experience takes about an hour and includes twelve amazing different climbing challenges, the 'Leap of Faith' and Bristol’s only 25ft Giant Swing! 

You can experience the whole course from £14 a head or part of it, such as the giant swing for just £5. Check out the details and photos below.

The course is also available to the public and Wild Place Project visitors on weekends and holidays and daily for booked birthday parties, groups and corporate events.
It is suitable for adults and children age 4 and over. 

There are three exciting packages to choose from - from just £5 for one, or all three for £14! 

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing offers an exciting adrenaline rush. Up to three people are strapped into paragliding harnesses then winched up to 25ft in the air… pull the pin and let gravity do the rest!  An extremely popular adrenaline-fueled experience as you plunge through the air at a high speed. Just £5 a head.


Climbing Adventure

A great range of climbing challenges such as the rope race, bear climbing wall, high wire ladder, hang tough (hold on to the bar 25ft up) and a totem pole. You’ll be kitted up and clipped on by our friendly and experienced instructors so it makes for a great adventure activity which lasts about 40 mins.

Leap of Faith

The 'Leap of Faith' is the ultimate test of nerves…Get clipped in, climb the 25ft pole... take a deep breath and make 'The Leap' for the bag. Children love this, adults might find this a little more challenging - especially as you can choose to have the bag from 2ft to 12 ft away!

*Leap of Faith is a fantastic adventure attraction open to all.  
Tickets to Leap of faith give access to the ropes course, toilet and cafe only. If you want to see the giraffes, wolves, cheetah and other attractions at the Wild Place Project you have the option to add Wild Place Project tickets to your basket at the next stage of the checkout.