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Looking for the ultimate team building challenge?

Leap of Faith has everything you need for an enjoyable and successful team building session. Combining gentle climbing activities and exhilarating challenges - it will certainly deliver a fun and memorable experience for the whole team whilst also ensuring your business objectives have been met.

In addition to the climbing walls, the 3G swing and the Leap of Faith corpoarte team days can take part in these additional challenges:

Crate stack challenge

The name of the game is to make the biggest stack before it collapses, and did we mention, while you’re standing on top of it? An excellent test of balance, agility and team work.

All Aboard

In teams of four, you’ll need to work together to climb to the top of a 9 metre pole using cooperation and communication and once you’ve found your balance, is everyone brave enough to lean back?

Jacobs Ladder

A giant’s ladder, that stands 10 metres tall with rungs up to 1.8 metres apart. Lots of fun, lots of team work and a tough physical challenge.

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