Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is 12 metres tall and will test the nerves of all the family, with twelve different climbing and exhilarating challenges. Take on the Leap of Faith yourself, bring your friends, family and challenge them to a race to the top of the climbing wall. Leap of Faith is also available to book for birthday parties, groups and corporate events.

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Please note that Leap of Faith will be closed from the end of November until Sunday 11th February. Bookings in 2018 only need to be made for climbing. Leap and swing courses can be booked on-site.

There are three exciting packages to choose from - from just £5 for one, or all three for £14! 

3G Power Swing

The 3G Power Swing (pictured above) offers an exciting adrenaline rush. Up to three people can sit in the swing and you'll be hauled up into the air together, by the team on the ground. The release pin is pulled and you'll plunge through the air at a high speed. Suitable for ages 5+.


Climbing Walls

Start off on an easier six metre wall, graduating to a challenging 9.6 metre wall for the more daring among you.  Challenge your friends on the new inflatable gladiator climbing wall. This is suitable for all abilities and from age 5+

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is the ultimate test of nerves, with all three challenges wrapped up in one.  You'll climb to the top of the nine metre post, test your balancing skills and if you are brave enough, take the Leap of Faith to catch the trapeze or the hanging punch bag. Suitable for ages 5+.

Leap of Faith tickets do not include general admission to the Wild Place Project, but you have the option to add these tickets to your basket at the next stage of the checkout if you want to.
All activities are suitable for those age 5 and over.