Bear Wood

Bears once roamed these woodlands, help bring them back and save native wildlife for future generations.

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Bear Wood is an exciting new development due to open in summer 2019. The exhibit will transport you back in time to when the woodland was inhabited by European brown bears, European wolves, Eurasian lynx and wolverine.
A walkway will wind through seven and a half acres of woodland where our five European grey wolves will be moved to a new home which they will share with the brown bears. Lynx and wolverine will also roam the woodland as they would have done centuries ago. A ranger station, classroom, interpretation space and café will also be built creating an immersive experience. 
Bear Wood will show the effects of woodland loss on our native wildlife. It is the story of what was, where we are now and what is still at stake.


Journey into the past to protect the future

British ancient woodland is the richest habitat for wildlife in the UK, providing a home for hundreds of species of animals and plants. 98% of British woodland has been destroyed due to climate change, urbanisation and intensive agriculture. Our native wildlife and habitat is now under threat.
There are fewer than one million hedgehogs today in the UK. Unless urgent action is taken, they could be extinct in Britain within a generation.

Tawny owl
The Tawny owls woodland habitats are disappearing, reducing the availability of their prey which could have a serious impact on numbers.

Lesser-spotted woodpecker
Once widespread these woodland birds are now rare, with less than 2,000 breeding pairs now found in the UK


How can you help?

We need your support to enable us to build Bear Wood, protect the future of our native wildlife and inspire the next generation to care for our woodlands.We have already received donations from generous benefactors and sponsors towards the £5 million project cost but we still need £2 million.
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If you would like to fundraise for the appeal we would love to support you so please get in touch with our development team.
Become a Guardian
Help secure the future of our woodlands and native wildlife by becoming a Guardian and receive exclusive benefits including life membership, a name plaque in Bear Wood and VIP invitations.
To find out more please contact the development team at development@bzsociety.org.uk or call 0117 428 5313